Band Tributo ai The Blues Brothers


Blues Brothers Cover Band


Band Tributo ai The Blues Brothers


Italian Blues Brothers Tribute Band


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B.B.Band | The Blues Brothers Italian Tribute

A Rhythm'n'Blues & Soul great tribute band with the big names that made music history: Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles ... all these songs obviously... in the "Blues Brothers" version!

Next concerts in Italy

  • 11 Maggio 2024 – Teatro B.C.Ferrini – Adria, RO

  • 18 maggio 2024 – Spring Break Food Festival – Area Mercato Nova Milanese – MI

  • 24 maggio 2024 – Spring Break Food Festival – Via Matteotti – Lentate sul Seveso – MB
  • 21 giugno 2024 – Bresso – MI
  • 28 giugno 2024 – Cantù – CO
  • 20 Luglio 2024 – Arizona 66 – Palazzo Pig. – CR
  • 26 Luglio 2024 – Lungolago – San Feliciano – PG 
  • 27 Luglio 2024 – Scuderie del Marchese – Balestrino – SV
  • 3 Agosto 2024 – Cesena
  • 6 settembre 2024 – Ponte San Pietro – BG
  • 13 settembre 2024 – Voghera – PV

What we play

Our songs are linked to the legendary soundtrack of the film, from “Sweet Home Chicago” to “Everybody needs somedoby to love”: a realtribute to the Blues Brothers.

We also play songs of Soul music, which have taken over the Blues Brothers themselves, especially with Wilson Pickett and with some of his most famous songs such as “In the midnight hour” and “Mustang Sally”.
The repertoire includes the great names of the blues & Soul like James Brown, B.B.King, Aretha Franklin and many others!

“The Band”

The B.B.Band born as a joke when an afternoon of “a few” years ago, a small group of friends has “seen the lighttogether watching the movie The Blues Brothers.

From that moment the passion and desire to play “new” music was born and immediately the idea was to form a group like the Blues Brothers or The Commitments.

Contact us

For information on the availability of B.B.Band for an evening at your club, for a public or private party, you can contact:

  • Luca (singer) by phone at +39 338 73 41 163
  • Or send an email to concerti@bbband.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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